D Magazine

D Magazine Demographics

Total net circulation 60,971
Readers per copy 6.3
Total readership 551,535
Average reader age 49
Median reader age 45
Gender69% female, 31% male
Average household income $331,200
Average home value $625,000
Average net worth $1.4 million
Education 85% of D Magazine readers have a college or post-graduate degree.
D Magazine readers spend an average of 75 minutes with each issue.
CVC interviews indicate that 97% of D Magazine subscribers regularly read or look through D Magazine. The average for national magazines is 77%.
95% of regular readers read three out of four issues.
84% of D Magazine subscribers frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in D Magazine.
96% of D readers dined out in the past 12 months as a result of reading D Magazine
80% of D Magazine subscribers keep the magazine for one month or more which is considered “coffee table status.” According to Tim Bingaman, president of the Circulation Verification Council, this is one of the highest retention rates of any of the city and regional magazines.
(Source: 2013 Circulation Verification Council Readership Study, 2012 Circulation Verification Council Readership Study, 2011 Circulation Verification Council Readership Study)