D Home

D Home Demographics

Total readership 155,360
Average reader age 48
Gender75% female, 25% male
Average household income $360,000
Home value Average home value: $749,000
Education 96% of D Home readers attended college.
66% of D Home subscribers plan to remodel or redecorate their home in the next 12 months.
57% of D Home subscribers have spent $25,000 or more on furniture and home accessories in the past 12 months.
CVC interviews indicate that 97% of D Home subscribers regularly read or look through D Home. The average for national magazines is 77%.
72% of D Home subscribers frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in D Home.
100% of D Home readers view the publication as a reliable source of information when considering home-related purchases.
83% of D Home readers keep the magazine for one month or more, which is considered “coffee table status.” According to Tim Bingaman, president of the Circulation Verification Council, this is one of the highest retention rates of any of the city and regional magazines. (Source: CVC Audit and Readership Study, 2012, 2013)