D CEO Demographics

Average net circulation 19,248
Readers per copy 4.75
Total readership 91,428
Average reader age 52.8
Average household income $377,417
Education92% of D CEO readers have a college or post-graduate degree
Gender32% female, 68% male
52% of D CEO readers frequently purchase products or services from ads seen in the magazine.
70% of D CEO readers keep the magazine for a month or more.
36% of D CEO readers spend an hour or more reading each issue.
CVC interviews indicate that 92.2% of D CEO readers regularly read or look through D CEO. The average for national magazines is 77%.
99% of D CEO readers have influence over purchasing decisions in their company. The average for national magazines is 81%.

Source: 2012 Circulation Verification Council Readership Study, 2011 Circulation Verification Council Readership Study